Our Story


Two Birds London was founded in 2015 by Shirley and Sharon Herron. In March 2021 I brought brought the business and now run it with the support of my Husband Chris, Daughter Beth and Mum Linda. We are based in Leicestershire in the UK.

What's Behind the name? 

Sharon’s married surname and Shirley’s maiden surname were both ‘Herron’. They loved that it is a cheeky play on two females and so the brand Two Birds was born!

Where did our skating journey start?

In December 2016 we arranged to meet my friend Hannah and her boyfriend Joe at an ice rink at Bretby Garden Centre in Derbyshire. Beth had roller skated and had a pair of inline skates but never had she stepped foot on the ice. To our surprise she got on and within minutes was happily whizzing around the ice whilst the rest of us were just about making it off of the side!

In February 2018 we signed Beth up for a Skate UK 6 week block at Nottingham Ice Centre. Whilst there we got talking to another mum, Annette, and we quickly became friends and decided, why not lets give this a try ourselves! It was then we became hooked and started our very own skating journey working our way through Skate UK.  Both myself and Beth now skate with Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy. 

What inspired us to create skating wear?

My Grandma was a seamstress, we spent many hours at the sewing machine making things as I grew up. The desire to design and produce a range of clothing has been something that has been there for me since I was young, I took art and textiles at GCSE but as life happens I never got round to doing something about it, until now.

Beth is slim and very long! We struggled to find clothing that fit her both in the waist and her leg. This led us to start looking into doing something for ourselves and we found Two Birds. The leggings fit her perfectly and are warm and of fantastic quality the jackets are longer in the body so allow plenty of growing room but are also shaped and flatter the figure to show off those beautiful skating lines.

Shirley’s passion was to provide clothing that would appeal to skaters because they like the way they look and feel, but also to the mums who are ultimately opening their purses to pay for their kids sports clothing, we want to retain Shirley's values and continue to provide affordable and stylish skating wear.

All of Two Birds Legging’s and jackets are made of an Italian performance sports fabric which is fleece lined, moisture wicking and antibacterial protected and made right here in the UK! 

We are so pleased to be able to continue to provide you with the Two Birds brand and fantastic quality clothing and look forward to seeing you share your on ice journey with us!

Kerry, Chris, Beth and Linda